How It Works

Easy to use. prefilled, disposable syringe, Services 1 vehicle.
Easy to use. Prefilled, disposable syringe. Services one vehicle.

Long-lasting, protective coating prevents automotive friction and minimizes metal-to-metal wear.

1 CarBoss has a two-layer “nano-sandwich” where one side is sticky and the other is slick. How is that physical property advantageous to customers compared to alternatives?

Functional coatings already have solved longevity problems in many devices such as newer hard drives, jet engines, and razor blades. New generation cars are continuously improved by advanced surface treatment such as carburization, boriding, nitriding or coatings during manufacturing. We bring similar cutting edge coating technology to cars that have been on the road for many years or decades. Engine improvement is achieved without disassembly. That’s possible due to crafted, two-sided, nanoparticles that are attached only by one side to the surface leaving another slippery side to combat friction.

Obviously, our product cannot fix broken pistons or a cracked block. But if you detect an increase in running temperature or drop in engine compression, CarBoss will reduce the potential for engine failure. If automotive performance is not improved – we fully refund the purchase price with no questions asked.

2 What is the process of installing CarBoss? Are there any special instructions? Any special handling or preparation? Can it be added while the engine is running, or does it have to be shut off?

We recommend you simply drive your car to warm up the engine. Then park and turn off the key. Squeeze CarBoss into the open oil fill tube. Now, idle the engine for 15 minutes. You’re ready to go! You’ll notice the full effect within just 500 miles of driving.

CarBoss is compatible with all gasoline powered engines. It’s an alternative to expensive parts replacement on older, high-mileage vehicles. CarBoss is a perfect preventive maintenance aid. It remains safely in your automotive system to help guard against future wear.

3 Does CarBoss nanotechnology coating reduce the impact of friction?

The source of greatest mechanical friction loss is in your car’s engine piston assembly. Piston faces slide against the cylinder wall to create a seal to keep lubricants from burning. Adding CarBoss to your engine reduces friction and wear while improving performance.

Some new, expensive vehicles now have special factory cylinder coatings. These finishes are for fuel economy improvements and engine efficiency. CarBoss modernizes your auto with a similar smooth, wear-resistant, positive effect. It doesn’t matter how old your car is. See the results for yourself. Order your CarBoss today.

Our synthetic, self-assembling nanoparticle-based coatings improve the tribological properties of existing mechanisms through the formation of a protective coating on friction surfaces in-situ, and effectively reverses the wear process.

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